ReelCardio LLC is an exciting new ambulatory cardiac (AECG) monitoring company built on a well-rounded & established foundation. ReelCardio is unique as a start-up in that we already possesses proprietary product technology, strategic marketing expertise, worldwide distribution network, and many of the regulatory approvals – FDA, CE Mark & TGA approval, Medicare approval as an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF). With all of the right ingredients formulated from the start of the company’s inception, ReelCardio has a distinct advantage to rapidly evolve to become the new US leader in the ambulatory cardiac (AECG) monitoring industry.

The ReelCardio Team is not new to the ambulatory cardiac AECG monitoring industry. ReelCardio is simply a strategic formation of two entities that combines unique, proprietary monitoring technology with a US based marketing & distribution powerhouse. In fact, the ReelCardio team has arguable more experience specific to AECG monitoring & cardiac rhythm management than any other team in our industry. Our team brings decades (20+ years) of specific cardiac monitoring market experience. Our product technology, distribution, regulatory approvals & ECG laboratory service experience has a far greater probability to overcome the ‘traditional obstacles’ of growth & success in one of the largest growing segments in worldwide medicine today. Remote cardiac monitoring (or also referred to as Tele-Health or Tele-Medicine) consultations are up more than 6000% in the last 3+ years!

This recent surge in demand for remote cardiac monitoring solutions has created extraordinary market activity as companies & investors seek the optimal solution(s) to ride this tidal wave of eminent growth.

Remote patient ECG Monitoring is one of the ‘hottest’ markets today for the savvy investment community. It is no surprise that with the current shift in market activity, market factors such as post pandemic and market confusion due to consolidation that there has never been a better time to get involved with our unique opportunity to enter the explosive real-time AECG Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) market segment with the ReelCardio team.

ReelCardio ReelPatch+ Plus

Unlike the majority of a new AECG monitoring start-ups, ReelCardio is not starting from scratch with just a idea. The experienced team of ReelCardio offers tremendous depth & expertise that will prove to bypass the painful learning (curve) process. These traditional road blocks include a lack of real market knowledge, buying habits, business models, product technology, sales & distribution network, regulatory approvals & Medicare IDTF Approval. ReelCardio is ‘one-of-a- kind’ investment opportunity with much more to offer at a fraction of the investment!

When it comes to product technology, ReelCardio offers a clinically versatile line of proprietary wearable, real-time ambulatory cardiac (AECG) monitors called ReelECG. The ReelECG ambulatory cardiac Monitoring technology suite comes from a bloodline with decades of US & worldwide market experience & expertise. Also, ReelCardio has (arguably) the largest worldwide distribution network (proprietary) in the industry today.

Our investors that partner with ReelCardio will enter this dynamic industry far ahead of many companies (certainly any start-up) with all of right ingredients for near immediate success. 

In addition to our product regulatory accreditations, ReelCardio enters the industry with a wholly owned accredited Medicare Approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF). This saves years of time to market compared to the many companies in a waiting pattern to enter the US market.

It is critical to digest the fact that these regulatory accreditations are very time-consuming and ultimately debilitating to many of the startup AECG companies. They require a significant financial investment, time, know-how & good fortune that can often deter many new AECG companies entering the market.

One can observe with any investigation into the investment activity in our space, that many of these new entities are from people from ‘outside’ the industry. ReelCardio offers the investment community a unique opportunity to get involved with outstanding technology, a productive & experienced team with the capability to disrupt the industry as it stands today.

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