ReelMonitor+ Plus

ReelCardio is pleased to introduce the most flexible Ambulatory ECG (AECG) monitoring technology called the ReelECG™ ReelMonitor+ Plus. The ReelMonitor+ is a small, single module monitor that enables maximum versatility in its clinical applications.

The ReelMonitor+ is our flagship model in our product line of ReelECG™. ReelECG is a proprietary method of acquiring & capturing every beat using our Real-Time, Continuous, Full Disclosure method of analysis. This is unique to the industry as virtually all other MCT or Event monitoring technologies only review what the arrhythmia computer ‘thinks’ is abnormal. However it does not report ‘all continuous’ date therefore there is no method to interrogate the monitor to ensure nothing was missed. This is evolving to be a significant factor when evaluating real-time extended monitoring options since older, less comprehensive methods are proven to be clinically inferior.

The ReelMonitor+ Plus is evolving to be a preferred option for clinicians worldwide. The ReelMonitor+ Plus is the smallest, single module AECG device with a cellular module integrated into a single device. The cellular capabilities rival any other solutions as our cellular technology can jump from one carrier to another if the cell signal quality can vary in rural areas or other connectivity restraints. Further, the ReelMonitor+ employs a unique SIM technology that enables connectivity across all carriers worldwide.

Clinical Applications for the ReelECG™ ReelMonitor+ Plus | ReelWearable+ Plus


Continuous Real-Time Multi-Function AECG:

  • Holter Monitoring (24 hour)
  • Real-Time, Continuous Extended Holter Monitoring (3 – 7 Day)        
  • Extended Holter Monitoring| Long Term Continus AECG – (7-14 days)
  • Cardiac Event Monitoring (up to 30 days)
  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT up to 30 days)
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) – 20-40 minutes / per month

Features of ReelMonitor+ Plus:

  • Single solution that is clinically diverse to perform all billable AECG Monitoring modalities (up to 5 applications & billing codes)
  • Extended Real-Time, continuous monitoring technology enables immediate alerts for Holter, Long Term Holter, Event monitoring, MCT monitoring & Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • ReelWearable+Plus
    ReelECG™ monitoring technology automatically captures heart srate, rhythm & morphology abnormalities – capture all standard arrhythmias & much more
  • ReelMonitor+ transmits every beat to the ReelCardio Laboratory to ensure every beat is reviewed by a certified EKG Professional
  • Our proprietary Real-Time, External Electrocardiographic Language ReelECG™ empowers both our advanced real-time algorithm with the safety of transmitting full disclosure to our laboratory ensures the data is reviewed by a certifed trained technician.
  • ReelECG™ is a unique method of analysis that ensures nothing significant goes undetected by ambulatory ECG algorithms & AI
  • Integrated phone (only 1 piece) – Patient does not have to keep track of multiple modules when being monitored with the ReelMonitor+, ReelTelemetry+ and the ReelWearable+ cardiac monitors
  • 1 or 2 Channels of ECG data
  • The ReelMonitor+ integrated can be snapped into a wearable patch – also known as our ReelWearable+ Plus
  • Small in size – about the size of a lighter including battery & cellular phone
  • Light weight – only 2.8 ounces with integrated cellular phone, battery etc.
  • Unique cellular / WiFi capabilities for optimal connectivity for smooth transmissions anywhere in the world
  • ReelMonitor+ automatically switches cellular carriers to optimize consistent communication with ReelCardio Laboratory
  • ReelMonitor+ is convenient as it can be clipped to a shirt, blouse, bra, worn around the neck or easily snapped to an electrode
  • Long battery life with Integrated / internal battery (approx 48 hours on one charge)
  • Portable Charger to always have power on the go
  • Simple in function for all staff & patients
  • Device can be reprogrammed remotely to make adjustments, switch monitoring modality when performing multiple study modalities without repeat office visits (optional)
  • Sound reliability & durability
  • Water resistant construction
  • Geo-location capabilities
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Support

ReelCardio is unique in the industry in that we offer the utmost flexibility in our billing & reimbursement structures for our various service offerings. We offer the traditional ‘service only’ model as well as a ‘hybrid’ model where the medical facility can capture the global billing amount and outsource the analysis to ReelCardio for a nominal fee. We also offer ‘flat fee’ models or ‘turn-key’ for various forms of monitoring to assist the medical facility in optimizing the economics of their cardiac monitoring program. If you would like to discuss how to structure a unique reimbursement program, please let me know.

The Flat Fee model is emerging as a popular option because you pay a fixed fee each month and you can perform as many tests of any type – Holter, Long term Holter, Event or MCT monitoring with one single monthly fee.

*Important Note: All of the ReelECG™ monitoring technologies from ReelCardio employ a ‘Continuous’ or ‘Full Disclosure’ method. The continuous / full disclosure model ensures that nothing is missed. ReelCardio will provide your facility with all of the raw ECG data instead of hiding it to ‘cover up’ mistakes or missed significant events. This is unique in the industry as most of the companies still rely on the algorithm in the box (doc in the box method) the determine what is normal & abnormal. As we all know, there still remains a need for a trained ‘eye’ of a professional to oversee & verify the decisions made by the arrhythmia computer. If there was no need for a technician, then the technical component would not be the highest reimbursing component of all components for every form of ambulatory cardiac monitoring.

Pricing Structures:

In order to be eligible to bill the global reimbursement codes, you will need to have some investment in the instrument, the maintenance of the device, staff education, disposables, facility etc. That can be satisfied through a purchase, lease or rental agreement. Here is what we can offer:

ReelMonitor+ | ReelWearable+ | ReelTelemetry+

Continuous Real-Time Multi-Function Cardiac Monitor – Cost $1,995 retail. Discounts based on purchase of multiple monitors.  **We currently have a promotion for $1,495 ea.

  • If you contract with the ReelCardio Laboratory for analysis (of technical component), these are the estimates: (you bill globally)
    • $39.00 for 24 hour Holter study
    • $129.00 for a 72+ hour Extended Holter
    • $99.00 for traditional event monitoring study
    • $329.00 for Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) Study

**Depending on your needs, we can set up a custom reimbursement structure to optimize the economics of your AECG cardiac monitoring program. We offer hybrid models, flat fee rental models or turn-key programs to meet the needs of your medical facility.

For more information about our ReelECG™ monitors, please click – Download ReelMonitor+ Plus Web Brochure

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