ReelWearable+ Plus

The ReelWearable+ Plus is the newest technology released from ReelCardio. The ReelWearable+ Plus is a small, light weight, versatile monitoring device that is unique in that it is the only wearable device that is capable of performing all forms of ambulatory cardiac monitoring into one, single integrated device.

The ReelWearable+ Plus cardiac monitor is most commonly used for 24 hour Holter monitoring, extended Holter monitoring, cardiac event monitoring & mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) monitoring.

The ReelWearable+ Plus multi-function ambulatory cardiac monitor is very simple in application for staff & and easy for the patient to operate. Clinicians prefer the ReelWearable+ Plus monitor compared to other monitoring technology due to the quality ECG tracings, the depth of reporting and confidence that every beat has been looked at.

There are many benefits of the ReelWearable+ Plus cardiac monitor. Some of them include:

  • ReelWearable+ Plus -2 Channel
    ReelWearable+ Plus 2 Channel
    The industry’s smallest, most versatile wearable module enabling many clinical applications
  • Multiple lead configurations available to meet the needs of every patient
  • Single, integrated device including the phone (gateway device is built in)
  • Long battery life
  • Greatest versatility with multiple AECG modalities in one single solution
  • Perform Holter monitoring analysis yourself with our software or send to the ReelCardio ECG Laboratory
  • Perform multiple studies on one office visit – convert to long term study remotely
  • Full Disclosure provided with every study
  • Real-Time, continuous monitoring method enables immediate alerts for Holter, Long Term Holter, Event & MCT monitoring
  • Auto-Detect feature captures heart rate, rhythm & morphology to capture all rhythm abnormalities
  • Transmits every single beat to the ReelCardio ECG Laboratory to ensure every beat is reviewed by a certified ECG Professional
  •  Channels of ECG data
  • Single or Dual channel option
  • Weighs only 2.8 ounces including battery & phone
  • Unique cellular capability to automatically switch cellular carriers to find optimal signal connectivity
  • Global SIM card for use anywhere in the world
  • ReelWearable+ Plus is convenient as it can be clipped to a shirt, blouse, bra, worn around the neck or easily snapped to an electrode
  • Easy to use for staff & patients
  • Sound reliability & durability
  • Water resistant construction
  • Geo-location capabilities
  • 24/7/365 coverage & support
  • Low cost