ReelHolter+Plus – Continuous Multi-day Holter (only) Monitor

ReelCardio is proud to introduce our newest model Holter monitor called the ‘ReelHolter+Plus’. This device is arguably the smallest and definitely the lightest Holter monitor ever. The Clip can be used for 24 – 72 hour Holter monitoring. Extended monitoring can be performed from 7 – 14 days.

  • Holter Monitoring – 24-hours
  • Extended Holter / Long Term Continuous AECG (up to 7 days)
  • Smallest & lightest Holter monitor ever made in the USA
  • Quick & Easy application to accommodate the variables of any patient
  • Clip can attach to a shirt, blouse, bra or snap into an ele
  • Lightweight for secure placement
  • Weighs less than .08 oz (including battery)
  • Flexible electrode placement for patient comfort & convenience
  • Integrated / internal battery
  • 72 hours of recording on one charge. Recharges in minutes
  • Adjustable sampling rate to meet the needs of various clinical environments (electrophysiology, pediatric cardiology, veterinary etc.)
  • Outstanding signal quality to simplify analysis
  • Flexible lead configurations to optimize clinical findings versus fixed patch
  • Optional placement of monitor with Clip or snap into an electrode
  • 72 hours+  battery life with internal battery
  • Mobile charger to charge on the go for extended monitoring duration
  • .3-7 day is the average duration for the continuous AECG study
  • Preferred by staff due to quick & easy setup & hook up
  • Water resistant design
  • Simple event button for patient to report symptoms
  • Event button marks ECG to improve symptom / event correlation
  • ReelCardio ECG Laboratory provides fast turnaround time <48 hours guaranteed
  • All clinical data (every beat) is collected, stored & reported.
  • Continuous Full Disclosure is collected, analyzed & reported
  • Sound economics with a service options or turn-key programs
  • Clinically rated ReelECG™ Reporting Software generates a report the clinicians can can trust
  • Turn-Key ReelECG Holter Analysis Software for facilities to perform their own analysis

The ReelHolter+ Plus has immense clinical utility. Some of the examples that indicate the use the ReelECG Holter include:

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Dizziness / lightheaded
  • Syncope
  • Palpitations
  • Skipped Beats
  •  Suspected Arrhythmias
  • Post Stroke monitoring
  • Post TAVR procedures (valve replacement)
  • Post MI monitoring assessment

ReelHolter+ Pricing Structures:

ReelHolter+ Multi-Day Holter Monitor – Cost is $1,495.00. Discounts are provided with a purchase of multiple monitors

Current Promotion for ReelHolter+ is $995.00 each

    • ReelHolter+ integrates with our ReelECG Holter Analysis Software to perform your own analysis.
    • ReelHolter+ has backup support to send any study to ReelCardio for analysis when needed (staff out, complex studies etc).


  • The ReelECG Holter Analysis Software is available for $3,995 with the purchase of any combination of our monitors. This will allow you to perform all of your own analysis (tech component) for 24 Hour Holter studies and Long Term Continuous ECG monitoring (long term Holter). Pricing discounts are provided on our software when multiple devices are purchased at the same time. Each additional monitor is $995 at the time of purchase.


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