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ReelCardio is proud to introduce their suite of the most advanced wearable AECG devices called ReelECG. Our line of ReelECG technologies are fit to meet the needs of any monitoring modality, economic structure with a variety of monitors to choose from. ReelECG has the newest wearable, real-time ambulatory ECG monitors that are emerging as a superior monitoring method that is replacing traditional monitoring methods. The ReelECG  technology is the most versatile monitoring solutions that exists. By utilizing the full disclosure method of analysis, we are proving to be the most useful & trustworthy tool for clinicians to uncover significant findings that are missed by virtually all other technology that rely solely on the arrhythmia computer to perform the work without the oversight of professionally trained ECG specialist that review every beat. With this method, we can not only uncover  symptom / event correlation but transient arrhythmic activity more efficiently with the review of every beat. Further patient compliance leads clinicians access to up to 30 times more ECG data on the patient with ReelECG technologies.

In addition to the clinical benefits of extended / long term continuous AECG monitoring, the real-time method of wearable AECG monitoring is emerging as the gold standard in the industry.

Clinical Benefits of Long-Term Continuous AECG Monitoring

Emerging clinical research all suggests that long-term, outpatient AECG monitoring will increases diagnostic yield when performed for expended periods of monitoring (5+ days) compared to traditional 24 hour Holter monitoring

Wearable AECG Monitoring

Wearable AECG Monitoring is now the preferred method of outpatient cardiac monitoring by patients & medical professionals. ReelCardio is pleased to introduce the newest real-time, wearable patch AECG monitoring technology called the ReelECG ReelPatch+ Plus.

ReelECG™ Monitoring Technology

ReelCardio is pleased to introduce the newest real-time, wearable patch AECG monitoring technology called the ReelECG™. The ReelECG suite of cardiac monitors from ReelCardio include:


Mobile Cardiac Telemetry with ReelCardio

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) monitoring with the ReelECG Telemetry+  is the new gold standard for detecting transient cardiac arrhythmias & improving symptom / event correlation.

Clinical Indications of Use

ReelECG monitoring technologies are evolving as the gold standard for detecting transient cardiac arrhythmias and improving symptom / event correlation.

Improving Turn Around Time for Analysis

ReelCardio is committed to improving the experience for physicians & medical facilities by providing superior service & improving the turn around time for reports.

Increase Patient Compliance

One of the distinct benefits of the is the overall monitoring experience for the patient. The ReelECG Telemetry+ is a small, light-weight, clinically versatile & convenient monitor preferred by nearly all of your patients. The patient say they forget the monitor is even on!

Billing & Reimbursement

Due to clinical evidence & surge in popularity from convenience wearable AECG Monitoring, the ReelECG Telemetry+  is now estimated to be covered by an estimated 95%+ of the insurance carriers in the USA.

ReelECG Patient Reports

The growing popularity of the ReelECG monitoring technologies is not only attributed to easy of use, convenience for the patient, but the depth & format of reporting is preferred by many clinicians.

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