ReelCardio is pleased to introduce ReelECG™. ReelECG™ is one of a kind ambulatory cardiac (AECG) monitoring technology in that it is flexible in its clinical use, applications & monitoring capabilities. ReelECG™ Monitoring is Real-Time, Continuous Ambulatory ECG device that is capable of performing all forms of ambulatory cardiac (AECG) monitoring.

ReelECG™ & ReelWearable+ Plus monitoring modalities include:  

  • 24 Hour Holter Monitoring
  • Long Term Continuous ECG (Extended Holter)
  • Cardiac Event Monitoring(CEM)
  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) Monitoring
  • Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED) Monitoring
  • Remote Patient / Physiological Monitoring (RPM)

ReelECG™ monitoring has many benefits compared to other ambulatory ECG technology available in the market today. ReelECG™ offers maximum convertibility in that it can be used as a re-usable monitor as well as a re-usable patch configuration called the ReelECGReelPatch+ Plus.

ReelECG ReelPatch+ Plus
ReelECG ReelPatch+ Plus

The ReelECG™ ReelPatch+ Plus is extremely cost effective compared to other single use, disposable patches.  The ReelCardio ReelECG™ Patch is re-usable with our inexpensive ECG electrodes. Further, the ReelECG™ ReelPatch+ Plus is flexible in its application to maximize the optimal ECG lead placement / vector to enhanced the clinical findings. Most patches are very limited in their application making some of the ECG data unverifiable.

ReelHolter+ Plus

ReelCardio’s ReelECG™ technology captures continuous Ambulatory ECG data and transmits / sends in (near) real-time to the ReelCardio Laboratory. ReelECG™ is a unique & proprietary blend of continuous ECG data that instantaneously sends every beat of ECG data  to ensure everything is reviewed by a Certified Electrocardiographic Technician. Our signature ‘REEL’ is a patent pending formula understood as our unique method of Real-time | External | Electrocardiographic | Language (REEL) for directly capturing real time ECG data and sent directly from our single, integrated ReelECG™ module. With ReelECG™, there is an integrated cellular phone that eliminates the needs for a separate gateway device or cellular phone. Our ReelECG™ module offers both single & dual channel configurations. Plus, there is selective sampling rate to accommodate the most sophisticated rates, rhythms & pacer detection. ReelECG is not only preferred in Cardiology, but also the electrophysiology (EP), pediatric Electrophysiology & the clinical trial space.

For more details on our continuous ReelECG™ method, please visit Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) with ReelCardio’s ReelECG.

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