ReelCardio AECG Monitoring Services

ReelCardio is an exciting new ambulatory cardiac monitoring (AECG) company located in the Dallas, Texas. ReelCardio is a Medicare approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) providing high quality, reliable technology & clinically relevant reporting with our real-time wearable ReelECG AECG monitoring technologies. .

ReelCardio is emerging to a leadership role in the US with a combination of sound AECG technology backed by the most seasoned & reliable team in our industry. Our team is comprised of clinical, technical & ECG rhythm specialists from across the ambulatory cardiac monitoring industry. Some of the reasons why you should choose to partner with ReelCardio include:


ReelCardio | ReelECG Monitoring Technology

The ReelCardio ReelWearable+ Plus Monitoring System is emerging as the gold standard replacing traditional 24 Hour Holter Monitoring in medical facilities in the US.


Expedited Results

Expedite time to diagnosis with ReelECG Real-Time wearable AECG monitoring technology compared to traditional to 24 hour Holter


Easy Patient Hook Up

ReelECG monitors provide a quick & easy hook up for staff members of any skill set. Just a quick prep, peel n stick and off the patient goes!


Optimal Economics

The ReelWearable+ Plus  is flexible in structuring the optimal billing & reimbursement program to best meet the needs of your medical facility.


Increase Patient Compliance

ReelWearable+ Plus improves the patient experience with comfort, ease of use & a long battery life with the internal battery


Comprehensive Reporting

The ReelWearable+ Plus report provides the clinician with simple, comprehensive reporting tools to quickly & easily diagnose your patients