ReelCardio V-Patch

The ReelCardio V-Patch is in a class of its own offering a new sleek & low-profile wearable patch is capable of providing virtually all forms of ambulatory cardiac monitoring (AECG) in one integrated system. These AECG monitoring modalities include 24-48 hour Holter Monitoring, Long Term Continuous AECG Monitoring, Cardiac Event Monitoring and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) monitoring.

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) with the ReelCardio V-Patch is a real time, continuous AECG monitor that analyzes each & every single beat of the patient. The ReelCardio V-Patch system is a simple & unique solution in the industry compared to most continuous monitoring technologies. Unlike other AECG Monitoring solutions that only review what the computer / algorithm finds or ‘thinks’ is abnormal, the ReelCardio V-Patch ensures that every single beat is reviewed by one of our certified & professionally trained staff members in our laboratory. ReelCardio is a Medicare approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF).

The ReelCardio V-Patch is proving to be a preferred solution to meet the needs of patients & medical professionals in today’s ambulatory cardiac monitoring segment. Some of the Features & Benefits of the ReelCardio V-Patch include:

  • Small compact size, light-weight monitoring configuration
  • The Sensor dimensions -> 90mm x 20mm x 7.9 mm
  • Integrated Battery / re-changeable battery
  • Water Resistant Sensor
  • Water Resistant Electrodes
  • Reliable ECG Transmission Technology
  • Up to 5 Days of Battery Life on One Single Charge
  • Quick & Easy Replacement & Battery Charging Options
  • Adjustable Sampling Rate for higher heart rates & pacemakers
  • Near Real-Time Monitoring, alerts & ECG Analysis
  • Custom Programmable email, SMS Alerts
  • Heart Rate capturing range from 30 BPM – 300 BPM
  • Low Sensor Cost with Re-Usable System Design
  • FDA Market Clearance: Electrocardiogram (ECG), Heart Rate & Rhythm
  • CE Approval – Electrocardiogram (ECG), Heart Rate & Respiratory
  • TGA Approval – FDA equivalent in Australia & New Zealand

ReelCardio V-Patch Monitoring Programs

The ReelCardio V-Patch is transforming Real-Time Continuous Ambulatory Cardiac (AECG) Monitoring in the US & worldwide. Our ReelCardio V-Patch AECG Monitoring Program enables you to acquire the newest wearable technology for various forms of Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring (AECG) without the expensive price tag purchasing traditional monitoring equipment. Our ReelCardio V-Patch AECG Programs offer the most flexible Billing & Reimbursement Structures (Economics) available in the industry today. The ReelCardio V-Patch is a Real-Time, Continuous Wearable ECG Monitoring solution that can perform virtually all forms of Ambulatory ECG Monitoring. These include:


24 – 48 Hour Holter Monitoring

ReelCardio V-Patch AECG Monitoring ProgramsTraditional Holter monitoring is known by the industry as the gold standard for early of ambulatory ECG analysis. Traditional Holter monitoring is a 24 – 48 hour continuous recording which is then analyzed after the monitoring period.  Since the ReelCardio V-Patch is a real time, continuous monitoring system, we can offer real time Holter analysis on a 24 hour – 48 basis.


Long Term Continuous AECG Monitoring (Long Term / Extended Holter)

Long Term Continuous ECG Monitoring is one of the newest forms of AECG monitoring. Long Term or Extended Continuous ECG monitoring with the ReelCardio V-Patch is also know as long term or extended Holter monitoring (LTH). Long Term Continuous ECG monitoring is similar to Holter in that it records continuous ECG data with playback after the monitoring period. The difference is this form of AECG monitoring is designed to analyze for periods of 3 – 15 days.


Cardiac Event Monitoring (CEM) | Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT)

Cardiac Event Monitoring is a familiar concept in the world of Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring (AECG) as it has been the traditional long term monitoring solution since the early 1980’s.  Traditional Cardiac Event Monitoring is for a period of 3 – 30 days. The technology typically records in a looping fashion with the ability to capture both symptomatic & asymptomatic events. CEM is older technology however it remains in practice in cases where Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) is not covered.

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) is the newest form of ‘cardiac event monitoring’ in that the technology is capable of performing ECG analysis in near real time. MCT with the Reel Cardio V-Patch is the most exciting AECG technology as it expedites the time to diagnosis as well as provides one of the best economics in the AECG segment today.

The ReelCardio V-Patch enables physicians & medical facilities with the greatest flexibility in structuring the optimal Billing & Reimbursement program for all forms of AECG monitoring. Please Contact Us today for more details.



Mobile Telemetry (MCT) with the ReelCardio V-Patch

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