In an effort to work with the patient challenges from Covid-19, ReelCardio offers our ‘At-Home’ monitoring service which will enable physicians and medical professionals to continue to order ReelCardio V-Patch ambulatory cardiac (AECG) monitoring studies without a physical visit to the office.  With remote tele-health visits up more than 6000%, physicians & patients can now order & perform AECG monitoring studies directly without an actual visit to the medical facility. ReelCardio At-Home now offers clinics a simple method to order & enroll the patient for a variety of studies (Holter, Event, MCT) using our industry leading real-time, wearable ReelCardio V-Patch. 

The process is simple. A simple enrollment form will initiate the study in which ReelCardio personnel will program the device & mail the monitor directly to the patient and provide support to the patient for the application process.

Unlike other cardiac monitoring technologies, our ReelCardio V-Patch technology eliminates complicated hook ups with no lead wires, no complicated lead diagrams making the hookup & monitoring process as simple as possible for the patient & medical staff.

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