Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) Monitoring

The advent of Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (also referred to as MCT) has made a huge impact on the ambulatory cardiac (AECG) monitoring space. MCT is very unique among the various forms of ambulatory ECG monitoring in that it is capable of transmitting abnormal ECG in (near) real time to an accredited ECG laboratory for analysis. Mobile Cardiac Telemetry is proven to expedite relevant changes in ECG rate & rhythm in the most efficient / expedient method today. MCT has significantly advanced medicine in remote cardiac monitoring for patients & ordering physicians by improving detection as well as time to diagnosis. Other forms of outpatient cardiac (ECG) monitoring requires far more time to analyze the ECG data and delay the turn0-around time for patient reports.

Much like the evolution of most remote patient monitoring technologies, Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) has come a long way since its introduction in the early 2000’s. Early MCT technology was bulky, inconvenient and limited in scope with the early providers as they only reported what the algorithm in the device ‘thinks’ is abnormal. Access to continuous ECG data was not available therefore making early MCT monitoring technology simply a ‘wireless’ event monitor. Older versions of cardiac event monitoring required manual transmissions of ECG data over a land-line rather than sent to the cloud via cellular networks. So early MCT technology was a big step up for patient compliance & expediting seamless access to the AECG data.

Advent of Wearable ‘Continuous’ AECG Monitoring Technology

Wearable AECG technology was introduced about a decade ago in the form of a wearable patch. Wearable AECG monitoring became the new ‘buzz’ in the industry as this was now a preferred method of monitoring for patients and medical staff due to the simplicity method of application & monitoring. Clinicians were fired up the concept as more and more clinic data emerged about the diagnostic improvement of ‘continuous’ extended (or long term) wearable AECG monitoring technology. More and more clinical data continued to emerge with extended ‘continuous’ AECG monitoring which proved to net greater diagnostic yield. The clinical data coupled with ease of use began to catch fire in the industry as patients, medical staff & clinicians all seemed to improve & streamline their AECG monitoring programs.

However, the enthusiasm of ‘continuous’ wearable AECG monitoring technology within the medical community has dwindled in recent years due to limitations in economics and the extended turnaround time for these extended continuous monitoring studies. In fact, many patch companies can delay the results for weeks before any clinician or patients could receive any results. And at best, medical facilities would break even from an economic standpoint making a new method / technology to enhance the overall clinical & financial benefits to medical facilities at the forefront of demand in the AECG monitoring community.

Advent of Wearable ‘Continuous Real-Time‘ Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

With increasing market demand for superior technology to expedite turnaround time & access to AECG data as well as improve the economics of continuous wearable AECG monitoring, there was the introduction of ‘real-time, continuous’ wearable AECG monitoring technology. The market today currently is embracing all of the benefits of wearable continuous AECG monitoring but now they can receive the data immediately with Mobile Cardiac Telemetry. And on top of that, new reimbursement models were introduced to revolutionize the demand due because now physicians & medical facilities can leverage the benefits of wearable continuous AECG monitoring in ‘real-time, but also experience a more favorable investment proposition to improve their AECG monitoring programs.

Introducing the ReelCardio V-Patch

ReelCardio is a group of seasoned professionals that have all invested decades of their careers to Ambulatory cardiac (AECG) Monitoring. Our team is intimately familiar with the market evolution of mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) technology because we have all experienced it ourselves from various standpoint of our professional careers. With this being the case, our team came together to introduce the most advanced wearable, real-time, continuous AECG monitoring technology called the ReelCardio V-Patch.

The ReelCardio V-Patch is in a class of its own as it is the highest quality, most reliable wearable MCT technology available today. ReelCardio has advanced the technology to improve patient compliance, simply patient hook up procedure for staff and ultimately deliver the most valuable AECG monitoring modality both clinically & financially.

Clinically, the ReelCardio V-Patch offers a unique method of analysis of the AECG data by employing our proprietary ‘REEL’ (Real-Time External Electrocardiographic Language) technology to analyze every heart beat in real time. Unlike other methods reliant on the algorithm in the box the make medical decisions, our ReelCardio V-Patch technology employs auto-detect technology but more important transmits all of the raw AECG data to the laboratory for more sophisticated analysis. This eliminates mistakes made but the device but most importantly, clnicians can have 100% confidence that every beat is reviewed by our integrated algorithm and further verification by our Certified ECG Laboratory staff.

Only ReelCardio V-Patch technology provides full disclose and has a proven verification method to interrogate all of the raw ECG data to ensure nothing significant goes undetected. The other AECG Monitoring companies do NOT have a system to interrogate the raw full disclosure of the ECG data to verify nothing was missed. The other companies rely on making decisions based on the ‘decisions of the device’ rather than the training eye of a medical professional.

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